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For a list of studies for which we are currently recruiting, see "NEWS".

At Shandon Clinic we conduct clinical studies in healthy volunteers on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. These include pharmacokinetic studies, dermatology studies and oral soft-tissue studies. Volunteers are remunerated at an approximate rate of 130 per day, or 20 per short visit. The total amount paid in each study varies depending on the requirements of each study. You may withdraw from any study at any stage.

Pharmacokinetic studies

These studies involve being dosed with medication after which a series of blood samples are taken at specific time intervals in order to measure the uptake of the medication into the bloodstream. Volunteers have a small plastic cannula inserted into a vein in the forearm. This allows clinic staff to draw blood without using a needle. At Shandon Clinic we specialise in "bioequivalence" studies, where blood levels are compared for two similar drug preparations. A typical study therefore involves two separate dosing days, each of which requires a 24-hour stay in the clinic. Volunteers generally spend this time reading, studying, watching television or videos, playing cards, playing computer or board games, or sleeping.

Dermatology studies

These studies usually involve a number of short visits to the clinic. Test products are applied to your skin at each visit, and your skin is assessed by clinic staff in order to see whether there has been any reaction to these products. Substances being tested include soaps, shampoos, cosmetics and skincare products.

Oral soft tissue studies

These studies also involve a number of short visits to the clinic. You will be asked to use a specific oral healthcare product (toothpaste, mouthwash etc.), and at each visit you will be examined by a dentist to see how your mouth has reacted to the product.

How can you get involved?

If you think that you might like to volunteer, you should contact the recruitment staff at Shandon Clinic who will inform you which studies are taking place in the near future. You will need to visit the clinic in order to read some information about the study in which you are thinking of participating, and to sign a consent form. You will also be asked to provide the name of your GP, and to give written permission for us to contact him/her. After this, you have a 6-day "cooling off" period. You will then be asked to report for a screening medical examination which includes full details of your medical history, a brief examination, simple blood tests (this includes testing for Hepatitis B and C, and for HIV, the virus which causes AIDS), and a urine test which includes testing for "drugs of abuse" (including cannabis and ecstasy). If the results of this screening visit are acceptable, you will be given a date to report to the clinic for inclusion in the study.

Each study protocol has been reviewed by the Irish Medicines Board and an independent Ethics Committee before the study begins. All studies are governed by principles laid down in the Declaration of Helsinki, an internationally recognised document which sets standards for the conduct of clinical research and which has the protection of clinical trial subjects at its heart.

For more information about volunteering as a healthy subject for clinical trials, see the renowned "Guinea Pigs Get Paid" website.


For a list of studies for which we are currently recruiting, see "NEWS".

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